From the same team that bought you the Cinema Designer (The CEDIA Designer) comes 'The Lighting Designer Software'

The Lighting Designer Software

Welcome to the Lighting Designer Software

Delivered to you by the same team that bought you 'The Cinema Designer' TCD.

The most revolutionary lighting design, fixture specification and control system specification software available.

The Lighting Designer Software

Documents and CAD drawings

The process is fraught with design challenges. Drawings, load schedules and system specifications. Let TLD do the heavy lifting for you in super quick time.

CAD drawings of the panels, documents with full design brief, BOM's and fixture / load has it all. Become the driving force for lighting in all of your projects.

Time is money

When compared to a full lighting design and control system specification 'done the old way' TLD can reduce the time spend by 90%. Also making change orders and variations a cinch.

With TLD you can share your products with the rest of your team and create a list of products that you use the most frequently. Not forgetting the forever expanding global database is there for you as well.

Cloud based and available anywhere..

No disks, downloads or files, just a web browser and an internet connection; and you're good to go. Always the latest version, no moving target with new releases. You'll always have access to the latest example of what we have.

As with TCD, we want this to be a success for you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, let us know.

Make lighting design a profitable part of your business's bottom line.

In an industry that has changed so much over the years and continues to change daily, lighting might just be the missing piece of your profit puzzle.

TLD will help create that professional documentation and design brief to keep all the lighting stakeholders in step.

Try TLD today !


TLD changes the game for lighting control and design, providing automating processes that have traditionally taken us hours to do, but that's only a small part of it. TLDs database ensures that a design is coherent and that the right type of components are used. It automatically sense checks your design and equipment choice and enables designers and contractors to work together with clarity and consistency, ensuring the success of every project...every time. You'll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Kris Hogg, European Business Manager, Samsung (Ex-CEDIA Chairman)

I’m sold. I’ll be registering when it goes live and we can start pushing stuff into a pipeline for designs and projects in South Africa, and in effect, in the UK now! From my perspective, as someone who isn’t a certified electrical engineer, this just makes sense. Now, I not only have solid, robust and accurate documentation to supply all parties involved in the project, but it's easy as pie. It works from the tech side out and from the client side in, and I can customise it. Fantastic stuff. 

Christiaan Beukes, Managing Director, Sphere Custom Design

Once again, Guy Singleton has created a masterpiece with The Lighting Designer. TLD is an extraordinary piece of engineering software that enables both efficiency and accuracy in lighting load and control design. Once you are proficient in TLD, you can cut your engineering hours down exponentially, all while having comfort  of knowing it’s based on standards and industry best practices.

Dave Pedigo, Director of Residential Technology, Auralex

The Lighting Designer is a game changing software. We currently spend hours on designing and developing reports that are specific to our systems. TLD generates integrated reports and engineering documents with complete details of lighting, electrical loads and controls - and all in just a matter of minutes.

Sawan Nichani, CEO, MacBee

Wow, it was a real privilege to be one of the first to see this new software for documenting lighting design and installation. It is well thought out and provides a ton of detail in the reports. I really can't wait to get my hands on it - it will save me days of work.

Andy Bull MSc., Director, Lighting Projects

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